Thinking Skills

Not limited to: Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Effective Communication, Mindfulness, and How to Shift your Perspective.

Behavioral Skills

Not limited to: Assertiveness, Practicing Acceptance, How to Transform your Anxiety, How to Stay in the Here and Now of your Anxieties, and How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Emotional Skills

Not limited to: How to Love, The Power and Freedom in Taking Responsibility, Forgiveness, and Letting Go.

Financial Planning/Budget Analysis

We help you develop the skill of budgeting and the wellness of your financial planning.

Private Practice

Educational services are also provided through virtual/remote and in-person.


Upon initial contact, a collaborative needs assessment will be done.


In-Person and Virtual Training sessions are provided upon request to larger groups.

Customize Training/Special Features

We are open and flexible in providing specific skill needs training for individuals and systems, including Abuse Awareness/Prevention.


Coming Soon