Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and create a perception awareness about wellness care – that it begins with our body and mind as the center. Through life skills training, people will develop thinking, behavioral, and emotional skills as a proposed valued way of life.
Your body and mind are your centers; you should mind them well. Through Mindful and Excellent (ME) Care, WTC will continue to build individuals and systems with the purpose mission to Serve Well, Heal Well, and Live free.

Philosophy & Vision

WTC is grounded in the philosophy that we create with our thoughts, and focused thought can affect how we feel and even influence our behaviors. Our responsibility is to have the awareness and courage to shift perspective, thus changing our attitudes and moving forward with a new outlook.
However, WTC’s premise is built on the philosophy that everything we do in life should be motivated with purpose and grounded in a higher meaning beyond self. Hence, our philosophies continue to be exercised in our Value Statements.

Value Statements:

  • Providing Mindful, Excellent, and Compassionate Care to yourself and others.
  • Thinking, Doing, and Living with Purpose.
  • Develop a mission statement: Who am I? Why do I Matter? Is my Placement in Life where I Need to Be?
  • I will challenge my self-limiting beliefs, thus putting my irrational thinking on trial.
  • Practice Daily and Random Acts of Kindness to self and others.
  • Speak About Life, and Never Accept Defeat.
  • In developing optimum wellness, take responsibility, learn from it, and plan your success moving forward.
  • My Mind and Body is my Center. I will be Mindful to think well, do well, and live free.
  • I Teach Myself and Others how to Treat Me with what I consistently accept, accommodate, and/or tolerate.
  • Think, Speak, and Do unto others, as you would like them to do unto you.
  • Show gratitude and Be Thankful in All Things.
  • I will learn how to shift my perspectives, thus letting go of thoughts and feelings that disserve me.
  • Paying my Blessings Forward is something I would do.
  • Planting good/positive seeds (words) in others maintains the cycle of love and breaks the silence of pain.
  • I will Live by daily affirmations. Do you know what yours are?
  • Working together helps us transform the wellness of self, others, and our community.

WTC’s vision is to Build and Transform the thinking of self, others, and systems to optimum wellness. One where *The Trinity of Mental Wellness becomes a valued way of life. Transforming individuals and systems, internally and externally, to make healthy lifestyle choices today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.

What is the Trinity of Mental Wellness?

According to Dr. Mcpherson,

*The Trinity of Mental Wellness is a self-actualized state of optimized wellness, where ones’ shared thoughts (Mind) are in consistent alignment with ones’ patterns of behavior (Body), and transferred energy (Spirit). The Trinity of mental wellness is when one’s shared thoughts and behavior cohesively and congruently move as one and are free of cognitive dissonance.