Book Your One Hour
Life Skills Training
Professional Development

60-minute appointment with Dr. McPherson, a professional Counselor Educator and Supervisor Consultant, to help you: identify what your ‘perceived’ stressors are, understand alternative ways of shifting your perspective, and developing life skills intervention of thinking well, behave well, and emotional intelligence of getting along with self and others.

What You Get:

  • Full needs assessment of your perceived stressors: worry, fears, anxieties. career performance and position prior to our discussion.
  • Live and Experience Life Beyond your Comfort Zones
  • Learn how to Love and respect Self and others.
  • Understand when and How to Set Health Boundaries.
  • Work and Move Together as a Team.
  • Learn How to Behave well and work well in all settings.
  • Recognizing the cycle of abuse in any collective environment.
  • Unlearning self-limiting beliefs and shifting perspective to optimize a state of mental wellness.
  • One-hour discussion about how to develop yourself personally or professionally more effectively, using proven strategies and consultation tactics.
  • A written copy of the tools and resources we discuss during our conversation.
  • An audio recording of the call for you to refer back at any given point.

Even if you don’t have a plan in mind or unable to see the path forward, this consultation will turn things around for you. The cost for a single session is $60.